Südtirol Balance for vegans

Listen to oneself and feel balanced

Südtirol Balance was born to enable guests a delightful, vital and relaxed vacation experience. Feeling at ease in nature combined with sustainable pleasure are the main elements to an active, ecological and autonomous spring vacation. We support this endeavour since it suits what we cherish: Affinity for nature, movement and physical activity, conscious living and a healthy diet.

Fit into spring: spring hikes to places of power, nurturing smoothies, daily morning yoga rituals and light, vegan nutrition. You will feel ultimately at ease. Temporary dropout wanted!


Temporary dropout wanted!
Leave your everyday-routine behind. Immerse in nature. Recharge new energy. Just feel comfortable.

Copyright: Frieder Blickle

“Panorama walking tour to places of power”

Recharge new energy while discovering legendary places. Historical places and places of power have been given more attention recently. Bowl stones invite for riddles, the inconspicuous church of Prokulus that has been enchanting humans for more than 1.200 years or the delightful views from the Wallburgboden, a pre-Christian settlement. Places full of energy and history and those who listen carefully, might be lucky to get to know their secrets.

The panorama walking tour takes place every Monday in April at 10:00am and is carried out by Irmgard Moosmair, a well-known hiking guide, herbal expert and nature lover from the Vinschgau valley.


“Castle Juval – the place of power of family Messner. Narration presented by Magdalena Messner”
The place, where a family settles, that calls home in various parts of the world, has to be a special one: Südtirol Balance invites you to discover castle Juval as a place of power. For centuries the castle hill was known as a legendary place that has been inhabited by humans in early history. Feel free to let your gaze wander to the Vinschgau valley or puzzle over the mysterious bowl stones of Juval. Exactly this place was chosen by Reinhold Messner as his place of retreat. His daughter Magdalena Messner does not only present her book in the knight’s hall of the castle, but shares anecdotes from life at Juval, how the family recharges energy and the very special charm that resides in this place. Followed by a communal aperitif including vine from Unterortl and local products from the Vinschger farmers shop. Limited number of participants!

Magdalena Messner, born in 1988, manages the Messner mountain museums and undertakes public tours on the 11.04., 18.04. and 25.04 at 16:00 pm.


“Guided biking pleasure tour through spring landscapes”
Many times we tend to rush to places of power, forgetting that often the journey is the destiny. To feel the warmth and the wind, breathe deeply, smell plants and trees, let the gaze wander, sharpen the senses. During a simple pleasure bike ride in the Vinschgau Valley and the Merano region, the places of pleasure are not looked for precisely, but the participants let the landscape work its magic while pausing and rejuvenating wherever it feels right. The cycle trail runs without any significant inclines passing splendid castles, idyllic villages and always framed by a unique panorama.

Klaus Nischler, a young citizen from Naturno is taking locals and guests on mountain-bike, road bike and pleasure tours to some of the most beautiful corners of our region for more than 10 years. His Ötzi Bike Academy & Shop in Naturno is known as the bike competence centre in western South Tyrol. The pleasure bike tours start every Thursday in April at 10:00 am.


Tips and inspiration for a pleasant and vitalizing time-out in spring can be found on the homepage of Südtirol-Balance.


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