Sustainable principles and South Tyrolean hospitality

The first vegan hotel in Italy
Do you know where your daily food comes from? At LA VIMEA in Naturno we know exactly! We are proud of using locally sourced products do sustain our region and your bodies, with healthy and honest food. Vegan inspired. This is unique in South Tyrol and Italy.

Tradition meets innovation
As an example of South Tyrolean tradition, the vegan Hotel LA VIMEA has a gabled roof, balconies and typical Stuben parlours. Many other aspects of the building have been changed during its renovation in 2016. The style is timeless and minimalistic, classy and unconventional. For an extraordinary holiday in Naturns.

Relaxing adults only hotel
We love children, a lot! However, as a specialist quiet hotel for a truly relaxing holiday in Naturno, we observe an age limit of 14 years for our guests.

Saltwater pool or bathing pond
Do you prefer to swim indoors or outdoors? In a cosy indoor pool or in a natural outdoor bathing pond? Any option you choose, there won’t be any chlorine irritating your eyes or nose. Perhaps you choose according to the weather…

Simply special accommodation
The new 4star LA VIMEA Biotique Hotel is located in Naturno near Meran. Where Italian lifestyle with 315 days of sunshine per year meets the cordial hospitality of the Alps.

Natural and well grounded
Our Garden is irrigated with rainwater or spring water from our well, always during the correct moon sign. That helps save precious water and strengthens the plant’s immune system. For our furniture we use solid wood, which is also cut according to the moon – 100% made in the Alps. Our energy comes from sunshine, which is abundant here. This is our contribution for the environment.

Eighty years of history
As a family, we have been dedicated and experienced hosts for many generations in South Tyrol, North Tyrol and Tuscany. Eighty years may seem like long ago, but our ideas have always been future-oriented.

Hosts and fellow travellers
At the vegan hotel LA VIMEA in South Tyrol Italy there is no staff, instead we are a team of dedicated hosts. At our Biotique Hotel, we think of our clients as guests and fellow travellers, who often become friends.

Creating a hideaway
We do not want to participate in a race for records and superlatives. Instead, we believe in creating a rhythm of our own, at a slower and healthier pace. With harmonious sanctuaries, with time to enjoy the beauty of nature and experience true quality.


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