We believe that nature has the best recipes

At LA VIMEA in Naturno we serve a natural vegan cuisine with a special touch. Our seasonal fruits and vegetables are carefully prepared and cooked to perfection. We appreciate natural foods that deserve the name.

Happiness starts with a good, purely vegan breakfast. That’s why every morning our breakfast buffet shines like the sun. Enjoy the taste of South Tyrol with locally produced oat milk, butter and apricot jam. Have some more traditional rye bread with savoury spreads in our comfortable stone pine room or opt for a freshly baked tart in the sunlit breakfast room. Our cosy rooms are there to be enjoyed. And each of them is a world of its own.

Let us take a step ahead together. Because healthy nutrition is more than the sum of its parts. Delicious light and easy to digest food, preferably made from organic ingredients from reliable local sources. Traceable from their origin to the table. Hay soup, salads of wild herbs, sage dumplings, fruit cakes. All vegan. Hear, see, smell, taste and know the difference. At LA VIMEA Biotique Hotel in Italy.


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