We have a favourite spot at LA VIMEA Biotique Hotel, it is our park with its natural bathing pond. A truly revitalizing place that promotes quiet awareness. It is a place to retreat and meditated, a place that instills a sense of primal trust. Its pathways are scented with the fragrance of herbs, honey and blossoms and the natural sounds it emits are truly uplifting.

Just like the water of our mountain streams is purified and recharged with energy in the countless meanders and little waterfalls along its path, we have created the park for our guests to tap into the energy of life. Go with the flow. Follow your natural rhythm. There is no need for a strict schedule here. There are many opportunities do spend your time but doing nothing is also a great option. Dive into a holiday filled with the joy of life, quality time and happy moments.

The park is particularly beautiful at the end of the day, when the sunlight tinges it in rich shades of orange and the evening can begin with a refreshing aperitif.

Be inspired and surprised, feel welcome and appreciated.


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South Tyrol