Enjoy the silence. Breathe deeply. Listen to your body and what it wants to tell you. Together becoming one in harmony to find your center and balance your chakras. Specific exercises help to relax, cleanse your body, and strengthen your muscles. Yoga is an experience that has been around for thousands of years. We would love to accompany you on that path.

Our certified yoga instructors will take you on a journey to find your inner peace offering yoga sessions at least 6 days per week. A well-designed program you will help you to appreciate the now. With different styles of yoga we support beginners as well as advanced yogis to develop strengths and to intensify connection to nature. To find beauty in simplicity and enjoy the wonders of being. A setting of intentions shall be a metaphor for daily life. The following courses are currently being held at LA VIMEA:


Yin Yoga

Stillness in motion.

Meditation practice within an extremely slow movement through postures. A state of deep relaxation in both the mind and the body is attempted to be entered. The class is for anyone. Props will be provided.

Morning Soft Flow

Awakening of the body through slow and sweet movement. Attention is aimed towards the breath while helping to create both heat and relaxation. The class is suitable for a practitioner of any level. Props will be provided.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Dynamic style of yoga with an aim to create heat through fluid flow of movement. Strength is cultivated as well as flexibility with the guidance of the breath. The class is suitable for a practitioner of any level. Props will be provided.

Active Yoga

It is a new style of yoga in the sense of artistic aesthetic movement. The breath is the guidance according to its natural flow. A conscious awareness of the body parts including a inner activity are essential elements of the ‘new will of yoga’ as a the founder Heinz Grill calls it. One gets to know new feelings of the soul accompanied by rhythmic movement. 

All classes are being held in small groups that the yoga teacher can focus on the individual. You may reserve your classes at the yoga hotel LA VIMEA  in advance or just spontaneously decide to drop-in. As you prefer you can either reserve your yoga classes in advance in our yoga hotel in advance or participate spontaneously either in the small group lessons or book private sessions with one of our yoga teachers.

Our patio right next to the natural pond serves as a playground surrounded by the silent nature of the park, next to the two beautiful, new yoga rooms painted in soft colours filled with natural light. Round off the day with an ayurvedic massage, nature hikes, bike tours or in our SPA.

Ideally the yoga cuisine consists of a plant based diet including organic and easy digestible ingredients. This helps to detox your body while nourishing your energy levels. As the first hotel in South Tyrol we accompany your yoga vacation with a with a vegan balanced diet. The classes are always held before breakfast or dinner to achieve an optimal mental as well physical perceptivity.

Book your yoga vacation here at the yoga retreat at LA VIMEA in Naturno close to Merano.

Are you a yoga teacher yourself and want to book a retreat for your whole group at our yoga hotel LA VIMEA in South Tyrol? Ask for further information and our special packages.


Vegetarian and vegan


Nature as a stage