Shàolín Bio-Energy

with Shīfu Shì-Héng-Chán

25.04.19 - 28.04.19

Why do you want to participate in this workshop?


  • To learn how to generate and enhance your life energy.
  • To regenerate and strengthen the body and the mind.
  • To have an exciting and motivational experience.
  • To adopt a healthier, natural and anxiety-free lifestyle.
  • To invigorate the immune system in order to prevent diseases and senile decay.
  • To activate the self-healing power present in each of us.
  • To make an inner journey to discover yourself.
  • To live life with a sense of peace.

About the workshop

The Program

  • Practice of the “Three Jewels of the Shàolín Tradition”: Chán Meditation (坐禅), Shàolín Qì-gōng (少林 气功, Energetic Strengthening, rebalancing and regeneration of the organs) and Shàolín Róu-Quán (少林 柔 拳, Taijiquan of Shaolin Monks).
  • Experimentation of higher levels of consciousness.
  • Universal Meditation (少林 禪 圓 功 Shàolín Chán-Yuán-Gōng): in very pure places and on the banks of the streams situated in the surrounding mountains; immersed in the water of the swimming pond and in the mystical yoga room of LA VIMEA.
  • Study of Philosophy, Medicine and Spirituality of Shàolín Culture, from 2010 “UNESCO Cultural Heritage”.

Further Info

  • Languages: Italian, English, (Sanskrit and Technical Chinese)
  • Group size: small group of max. 15 participants
  • Reservations: open until 10.04.2019

Workshop fee (3 days)  280,- € p.p.


  • 3 x light lunch or packed lunch (drinks separately)

Power and Energy

Shīfu Shì-Héng-Chán (釋 恒 禅), Shàolín Master of the 35th generation, is a scholar and educator of the Shàolín Culture, lived decades in monasteries of the East and the West, where he completed his training in the internal and external Shàolín disciplines, in Shàolín Medicine and Chán Meditation.

Today he is considered one of the important and esteemed representatives of the Shàolín Culture in the West. In 2000 he was World Champion of Shàolín Gōng-fu (少林 功夫).

He is an expert in Shaolin Gōng-fu, martial and therapeutic Shàolín Qì-gōng (少林 气功), Tàijíquán (太极拳), Shàolín Róu-Quán (少林 柔), Vedic Yoga, Shàolín Tóng-zǐ-gōng (少林 童子 功, Shàolín Yoga), Chán Meditation (坐禅), Buddhist (禅宗) and Vedic psychology and spiritual philosophy.

As Didactic Director of the Shàolín Cultural Center of Milan, and National Technical Person in charge of Shàolín Disciplines for CSEN (National Educational Sports Center), since 2001, Shīfu Shì-Héng-Chán translates and publishes the original Shaolin Culture Texts, produces technical video tutorials, teaches in the Italian School Institutes, in the Teams Company Building and collaborates with the Hospital Institutions, to spread the Educational-Training and Therapeutic aspects of the millennial Martial, Medical and Spiritual Tradition of the Shàolín Temple.

Guided by the ideal to unite “The best of the East and the best of the West”, in order to increase the holistic well-being of human society, Shīfu Shì-Héng-Chán tirelessly travels and humbly teaches a great human treasure that has passed the test of time.

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