Learn about how to get an awesome memory
by vegan two time world memory champion Jonas von Essen

with Jonas von Essen - Level 1

06.07 - 07.07.19

Why do you want to participate in this workshop?

  • Learn more about how to get an awesome memory
  • Learn about vegan nutrition and lifestyle that contributes positively to memory
  • Enjoy the Italian landscape and nature and meet more vegans interested in thriving as a vegan and boosting our memories
  • Learn faster and memorise more of what you learn for longer
  • Learn tips on how to thrive as a vegan through nutrition and lifestyle principles

workshop- Level 1

  • Two one hour workshops a day
  • How Jonas von Essen became the two time world memory champion and the main successfactors he has found so far
  • Techniques that can improve the memory
  • Memory palace and other more advanced memory techniques explained in an easier to understand format than normally tought
  • Talk about learning in general
  • Talk about life
  • How to remember large amounts of information more rapidly and make the memory retention last much longer
  • Success factors for having fun and achieving our goals
  • Questions and answers
  • Bonus: Lifestyle and nutrition principles to thrive as a vegan by Simen Lie, certified in wholistic nutrition. What do the highest performing vegans eat and how do they live? What are some things to be conscious of as a vegan in terms of wholistic nutrition and present and long term longevity?

Further Info

  • Languages: English
  • Group size: max. 30 participants
  • Background knowledge: not needed
  • Status: bookable until July 6th 2019
  • This is a Level 1 workshop (Level 2 also available 08.07-11.07)

Workshop fee (2 days, not including hotel stay): 300, – € pp


  • Tour the plant-based creative kitchen with vegan home-based tips
  • Get familiar with each other over dinner
  • Natural walk

Memory and Wellness

Jonas von Essen teaches people principles that contribute to getting an awesome memory in a fun, easier and applicable way.
He won the 22nd World Memory Championships in December 2013 and 24th World Memory Championships in December 2014.
On 12 March 2016 he recalled correctly 13208 digits of memorized Pi for 4 hours and 40 minutes according to Pi World Ranking List. This made Swedish record.

In later years he has participated in muliple TV shows and even did a performance where the tv show hosts could pick a random page in a book containig 50000 digits of Pi and he resited the numbers on a specific line on that page so he is said to be able to resite more than 50000 digits of Pi currently.
Join us and get inspired and possibily reap important and impactful benefits for life, while having a fun time.

Two one-hour bonus sessions: Nutrition workshop with Simen Lie

  • What do some of the highest performing vegans eat?
  • How is vegan nutrition different from regular nutrition?
  • What is important for a vegan to focus on that seem to increase vitality long term as a vegan?
  • Which supplements are often suggested for vegans and can we thrive without supplements?
  • Are there difference amongst people in terms of what we are created to eat?
  • What are some of the x factors in vegan nutrition affecting the success of people going vegans that are really important but not often enough talked about?

Simen is a nutrition and lifestyle coach specialising in vegan top performance. After having played professional basketball for a short period before he had to learn about and use nutrition to heal his joints, he felt nutrition was more important than basketball. The last 9 years he has studied nutrition from many of the top nutrition experts around the world and vegans showcasing high levels of vitality and capabilities. Having coached CEO´s, moms and athletes he sees that there are differences between humans in their nutritional requirements, but there are also many common success factors which can be implemented to thrive as vegans. One of his main passions is to contribute to people being as blissful as possible and sharing their gifts with the world in their most unique ways.