Happy Vegan Seminar

with Randall Birnberg

24.05.19 - 27.05.19

Why do you want to participate in this workshop?


  • Learn more self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Cultivate a healthier, plant-based lifestyle
  • Flourish in interpersonal relationships
  • Get more clarity about the purpose of your life
  • Learn cultural tolerance
  • Develop better methods for goal and priority setting


  • Overview of the benefits of vegan lifestyle: Health, Environment and Ethics.
  • Working with our sometimes challenging childhood, “It’s never too late for a happy childhood”
  • The art of mindfulness
  • Self-compassion and its many positive effects
  • Static vs. dynamic mindset
  • The practical benefits of Positive Psychology

Further Info

  • Languages: German and English
  • Group size: max. 30 participants
  • Background knowledge: not needed
  • Status: bookable until May 05th 2019

Workshop fee (for 4 days) 369,- € p.p.

➩ Including:
  • Tour the plant-based creative kitchen with vegan home-based tips
  • Get to know each other over a personal “happy” drink

Positivity and Well-being

For 30 years, the American educator Randall Birnberg has helped 1000’s to further develop the human potential inherent in each individual.
Whether it was the Native Americans on the reservations of New Mexico or Italian street children in Rome, he has given the crucial psychological tools to help folks work on their individual strengths and individual and unique consciousness.

Twenty years ago, he brought his knowledge and experience to Europe. In lectures, seminars and coachings, he has trained doctoral candidates, teachers, businesswomen and businessmen, employees of international companies, as well as individuals and groups throughout Europe.

As a certified positive psychologist and “Life Satisfaction” researcher at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Randall works in the relatively new “science of happiness”, also called Positive Psychology. Positive Psychology deals with human emotions, strengths, relationships, the meaning of life and our achievements.

Through well-being & happiness we become successful…not the other way around.