Vegan Cuisine

Vegan and organic holidays in Italy

At LA VIMEA in Naturno we serve an organic vegan cuisine with a special touch of creativity. We cater to vegans who prefer both raw or cooked food. Our seasonal and regional fruits and vegetables are carefully prepared to preserve their nutrients. We value natural food that deserves its name. It is important for us to support small farming structures in South Tyrol.

Happiness starts with the breakfast. That’s why every morning our buffet is shining like the sun. Nuts. Oats. Pancakes. Savoury vegetable spreads. Naturally cloudy apple juice. Yes, this is how the mountains of South Tyrol taste like and this is always included for all our guests. What about regional apricot jam on a crusty rye bread in our comfortable stone pine room? Or opt for a freshly baked chocolate muffin in the sunlit breakfast room. Our cosy rooms are there to enjoy. And each of them paints a world of its own.

Let us take a step towards less is more. Since healthy nutrition is more than the sum of its parts. Light, vegan delicacies, trustworthy from our beautiful country and always organic. 100% vegan. From its origin to the table. A five course dinner (included in all our offers), with recipes like hay soup, wild herbal salads, sage dumplings, lemon risotto, fruit cake. Listen, see, smell, taste and especially understand. Atmosphere, that emerges almost by itself. Holistic. Honest.

At LA VIMEA we know about the importance to nourish our bodies with the right ingredients in order to fuel our daily energy levels. Quality, vegan, organic food including honest roots is our recipe. We carefully source our products from our friends and farmers, often from our own agricultural project in Tuscany.

Nevertheless every body is different, digests differently and consequently has different needs. Still we believe that each of us deserves quality food. This is why LA VIMEA biotique hotel is establishing a place where everyone can be themselves without having to apologize for their diet neither their lifestyle. Only when the mind is calm, the body can feel at ease.

Chickpea flower for vegan pizza nights or buckwheat pancakes for breakfast and almond flower for vegan cakes, our kitchen staff carefully prepares gluten-free options for any part of the day. All hand-made. All vegan. The same goes for other food allergies. Whether you have a fructose or nut intolerance just let us know upon arrival and our kitchen staff will prepare a creative menu according to your diet. To soothe your mind and create an holistic experience at the vegan LA VIMEA biotique hotel.


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