The teachings of the holistic healing method „Ayurveda“ were conceived over 5.000 years ago in India. In Sanskrit it translates to the „science (Veda) of life (Ayus)“.

Ayurveda describes different principles of the energies of the body, the 3 doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Without them, there can be no life, and only if they are in balance, the body and mind can function properly. Only then there is creativity and vitality.

Experience the benefits of ayurvedic healing during your stay at Ayurveda hotel LA VIMEA in South Tyrol.

1. A plant-based diet carefully prepared by LA VIMEA’s creative cuisine and a specifically designed ayurvedic menu upon request.
2.Physical and mental exercise in form of learning the right breathing techniques and different approaches to meditation also during our yoga classes
3. Massages with handmade, organic herbal oils imported directly from India. Our Ayurveda expert will help you to cleanse your body with authentic treatments in our LA VIMEA SPA.

Our Ayurveda Massages

Snehana – Full body massage
The massage makes use of warm oils that are carefully chosen according to your dosha. It releases physical as well as mental tensions and relieves stress. Next to a rejuvenating and detoxing effect on the body it strengthens the immune system. A relaxing experience for body, mind and soul.
50 Min. Euro 100,00

Thanda Samana – Back massage
Organic herbal oils are used to release pain, tensions and locked energies. It additionally supports intervertebral discs and gristles.
50 Min. Euro 90,00

Samya – Joint massage
The massage balances the autonomic nervous system, releases blockades and softens joint pain with the goal of reaching full relaxation.
50 Min. Euro 110,00

Shiro Mukabhyanga – Head and face massage
Head, face and neck are massaged with carefully chosen herbal oils, to relief tensions as well as headaches and minimize stress. The ayurvedic oil stimulates blood circulation.
50 Min. Euro 90,00

Pada Abhyanga – Foot massage
The foot treatment acts extremely vitalizing while balancing the blood circulation and stimulating the hormons. Various reflex zones influence the organs positively and rise mental as well as physical energy. The treatment provides a relaxing feeling in the feet, especially when circular disorders and a lack of physical movement are the case.
50 Min. Euro 90,00

* Udvartana – Peeling and detox massage
The body is massaged with mix of organic barley flour, chickpea flour and sesame oil. This rejuvenating form of ayurvedic massage combines deep cleansing with an activation of the metabolism and is used to remove cellulitis.
50 Min. Euro 110,00

* Churna Pinda Sweda – Massage including warm herbal stamps
During this rejuvenating treatment the skin is massaged with warm herbal stamps. This is used to strengthen the tissue, renew cells and revitalize.
80 Min. Euro 140,00


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