Ayurveda Massages


Experience the effect of an authentic Ayurveda in the Ayurveda Hotel LA VIME in South Tyrol. The teachings of the holistic healing method „Ayurveda“ were conceived over 5.000 years ago in India. In Sanskrit it translates to the „science (Veda) of life (Ayus)“.

At LA VIMEA you are taken care of a highly qualified, holistic team of massage therapists, who have been practising and specialized and educated on Ayurveda and its various health topics


Snehana – Full-body oil massage
With this soft ayurvedic anointing ayurvedic oil is used according to the dosha type and massaged in with a special massage technique. The treatment calms the mind, pleasant warmth flows through the body and reveals deep inner peace.
50 min. Euro 105,00

Thanda Samana – back massage
The ayurvedic back massage with highly effective ayurvedic oils, loosens tension and blocks energies. Additionally interpretable discs and cartilages are supported which acts relaxing on the whole back muscles.
50 mins. Euro 95,00

Samya – joint massage
The joint massage balances the vegetative nervous system, solves blockades and soothes painful joints. After the massage a relaxing feeling is received that balances the whole organism.
50 min. Euro 115,00

Mukabhyanga – head – and face massage
Hair, headskin, face and neck are being massaged with carefully chosen ayurvedic oils. This form of massage stimulates the blood circulation and has a positive effect on nervousness, stress and tension. It strengthens the senses, acts rejuvenating and helps the blood circulation.
50 min. Euro 100,00

Padabhyanga – feet massage
The feet massage Padabhyanga acts extremely vitalizing and balancing on the blood circulation since it transfers excessive heat from the head to the feet with a stabilizing and strengthening effect. It improved the vision and helps with insomnia, relaxes neck – and calve muscles and reduces stress. Additionally it helps with coarseness,horny skin and cracks.
50 min. Euro 95,00

Jin Shin Jyutsu – divine flow
Jin Shin Jyutsu is a ancient art to harmonize life energy in the body. Health and well- being and to activate deep rooted self healing powers.
50 min. Euro 100,00

Individual intuitive treatment, which touches the soul.
After a detailed anamnesis you receive a treatment which perceives you in your wholeness to adjust a feeling of well-being on all levels of being. This treatment includes: a massage and/or Prana (cosmic energy) treatment though laying on of hands and supporting conversation. It has a deeply relaxing effect, renews cells, soothes muscles and jaw, frees the body’s energy flow.
80 Min. including holistic anamnesis Euro 150,00
50 Min. excluding anamnesis Euro 110,00

*INDIVIDUAL AYURVEDIC TREATMENTS can be booked upon request and dosha test on location
Combine your ayurvedic experience with a intensive care through our ayurvedic specialists. Your dosha type is being defined within an extensive conversation and you will receive a coordinated treatment schedule including massages such as Sarvanga, Abhyanga, Udvartana and Churna Pinda Sweda for your individualistic Ayurveda vacation.

Ayurveda is based on a holistic thinking and touches every aspect of life. The human being is considered as a unity and is as such inseparable from the surrounding nature.

In Ayurvedic type teaching we talk about the different life energies, the three doshas: Vata, Pita and Kapha. Without them life cannot exist and only when they are in balance the human body is physically healthy and mentally dynamic.

1. A plant-based diet
2. Physical and mental exercise in form of learning the right breathing techniques and different approaches to meditation, preferably with yoga.
3. Massages with handmade, organic herbal oils.


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