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Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation Classes

Our certified and experienced yoga instructors will take you on a journey to find your inner peace offering daily yoga and meditation sessions. A well-designed program will help you to appreciate the moment. With different styles of yoga we support beginners as well as advanced yogis to develop strength and to intensify the connection to nature. To find beauty in simplicity and enjoy the wonders of being. A setting of intentions shall be a metaphor for your daily life. Experience the power of the present in the constant now. Become one with the melody of silence.

The following courses are currently being held at Vegan Hotel LA VIMEA:



It is based on the five phases of change in Chinese medicine and combines elements from dance and body work. The balance activated by free dance harmonizes together with other techniques such as meditation, breathing technique, kinesiology, TCM the flow of energy. It all starts with a first step. It is so simple and magical at the same time what potential is in us and wants to be discovered.


Relaxing, regenerating yoga, practiced sitting and lying down which activates free breathing. Addresses joints, connective tissue and ligaments.


Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic and powerful yoga style in which movement and breathing combine to create a fluid experience. In this way a harmonious and creative flow is born, which challenges us physically and mentally and trains our concentration and awareness. A way that allows us to get to ourselves. Happiness becomes tangible.


A flowing and gently dynamic yoga style that leads to the inner center, strengthens and roots us. Different asanas are brought together in one fluid movement. Synchronization with the breath creates a flow that invites you to feel the present. Withdrawing the senses, conscious movement and conscious breathing are the way to inner silence.


Hatha Yoga is a form of yoga, in which breathing, body exercises (asanas) and deep relaxation aim at a balance between body, soul and spirit and make vital energy flow.



The soothing sounds open for a healing and transforming journey. At the same time they promote a more peaceful view of the world and oneself.


Experience the pleasant atmosphere of the forest. Smell it. Feel it. Listen to the secret language of the trees and feel the healing power of the green giants. “Shinrinyoku“ or “Forest bathing“ has become a recognized stress management method in Japan. Forest bathing is a very slow, attentive and enjoyable experience in nature. There is no goal in forest bathing, one is guided by one‘s senses. Forest bathing is particularly liberating and calming. Please bring along: water bottle, jacket or something similar to sit on and solid shoes.

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