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Spiritual Ambassador
Intuitive Masseuse
Ayurveda Specialist
Sound Meditation


Certified Holistic Masseuse
Forest Bathing


Jin Shin Jyutsu – Healing Flow
50min €100 (Sylwia)

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient art form used to harmonize life energy in the body. It increases health and well-being and activates deep rooted self-healing powers.

Mindfulness Massage
50min €100 / 80min €135 (Sylwia)

The power of mindful touch of head and back supports human awakening and unleashes change. The treatment touches the heart deeply and works beyond the mind. Thus the Alpha state can occur, together with the feeling of physical security and emotional balance. This state is very beneficial for regeneration processes on all levels.

Life Energy Treatment
50min €95 / 80min €130 (Sylwia)

This energetic treatment aims to transform and thus release straining emotional energies. Through the transmission and materialization of the hands, energy is supplied, which is used to build up the weakened body, mind and soul. Healing processes are stimulated, the inner intuition strengthened, the awakening process promoted. One’s own primordial power is awakened, peace and serenity enter. The soul is immersed in the feeling of unconditional love.

Sound Massage
50min €95 (Sylwia & Wally)

The sound massage is a very effective deep relaxation method in which Tibetan singing bowls are placed on the lying body and then gently struck to make it vibrate. The harmonious sounds and vibrations create a positive attitude towards your body. They relieve muscular tension, help with headaches, improve concentration and regulate digestion. The resting period is an important part of this application, which is why you should plan enough time for it afterwards.

Lymphatic Stimulation Treatment
50min €95 (Wally)

With gentle pressure and completely without oil, this gentle massage breaks down excess tissue fluid and harmonises the silhouette. It relaxes, purifies and has a decongesting effect.

Personalized Treatment
50min €100 / 80min €135 (Wally)

This treatment will be adapted to your individual needs.


Shiroabhyanga - Head and Neck Massage
50min €95 (Sylwia & Wally)

This soothing sensory massage is particularly effective for headaches and migraines. It removes heat and soothes the mind. The massage invigorates the scalp, helps with hair loss, early graying and dandruff. As a classic Ayurvedic massage it is suitable in principle for all who look for deep relaxation.

Snehana – Full-Body Oil Massage
50min €105 / 80min €140 (Sylwia & Wally)

Soft ayurvedic anointing oil is used according to the dosha method and massaged in with a special massage technique. The treatment calms the mind. A pleasant warmth flows through the body and reveals deep inner peace.

Thanda Samana – Back Massage
50min €100 (Sylwia & Wally)

This ayurvedic back massage with highly effective ayurvedic oils helps loosens tension and blocks energies. Additionally interpretable discs and cartilages are supported which acts on relaxing the whole back muscles.

Padabhyanga – Feet Massage
50min €95 (Sylwia & Wally)

The feet massage Padabhyanga is extremely vitalizing and helps balance the blood circulation since it transfers excessive heat from the head to the feet with a stabilizing and strengthening effect. It improves vision and helps with insomnia, relaxes neck and calve muscles and reduces stress. Additionally it helps with coarseness, dead skin and cracks.

Samya – Joint Massage
50min €120 (Sylwia & Wally)

The joint massage balances the vegetative nervous system, solves blockades and soothes painful joints. After the massage a relaxing feeling will be applied to balance the whole organism.

Hastabhyanga – Hand Massage
50min €95 (Sylwia)

This hand massage stimulates sensitive points (marmas) and energy pathways (nadis) to release the body‘s energy flow. The treatment activates your self-healing powers and strengthens mental and emotional health.