Events for unique individuals

in an invigorating environment​

A meditative Holiday. With joy and well-being. Relaxing and balanced. At LA VIMEA Vegan Hotel, we offer yoga, Ayurveda, personal workshops
and mindfulness courses. All this, supported with organic vegan delicacies in a a stimulating natural environment against the backdrop of mountains,
forests and of course … the sun.

Join us on the journey to the self and find the way back to your center. Enjoy the silence and re-connect with yourself. This will put you in touch with
your own energy – you have everything you need for well-being. Whether a long weekend or multi-day retreat:
Consciously have that special “timeout” with us!

Shàolín Yoga

with Shīfu Shì-Héng-Chán

19.09. – 22.09.2019

  • To learn how to generate and enhance your life energy.
  • To regenerate and strengthen the body and the mind.
  • To have an exciting and motivational experience.
  • To adopt a healthier, natural and anxiety-free lifestyle.


Workshop fee (3 days):  280,00 € p.p.