Natural Balance

A stay at the plant-based four star hotel LA VIMEA in Naturno creates living as a lifestyle. A minimalist and restrained framework puts life into perspective highlighting the essentials, creating spaces to breath and smile. This will not only make you sleep well at the vegan LA VIMEA, it will make you happy.

Did you know that you will sleep in 100% fair-trade, organic cotton? Your 220cm sheets are made of tercel fabric and extra large. Also your WaterLily mattress is biodegradable, since the double layered premium natural cold foam is made out of renewable fibres and a mix of special essential herbal oils. Our complete renovated rooms are equipped with beds in the size of 2,10m.

Mountain Room

FROM 114,00 EURO

Sun Room

FROM 129,00 EURO

Forest Nest

FROM 126,00 EURO

Bird Nest

FROM 142,00 EURO

Wood Suite

FROM 108,00 EURO

Park Suite


Cloud Suite

FROM 101,00 EURO

Sky Loft

FROM 156,00 EURO