Enjoy the silence. Breathe consciously. Listen to your body and what it tries to tell you. Balance your chakras. Specific exercises will help you to relax, cleanse your body, and strengthen your muscles. Yoga is an ancient path. And we will be happy to accompany you along the way.

Our certified yoga instructors will take you on a journey to find your inner peace offering yoga sessions on 6 days per week. A well-designed program will help you to appreciate the moment. With different styles of yoga we support beginners as well as advanced yogis to develop strength and to intensify the connection to nature. To find beauty in simplicity and enjoy the wonders of being. A setting of intentions shall be a metaphor for your daily life.

Experience the power of the present in the constant now. Become one with the melody of silence.

The following courses are currently being held at VEGAN HOTEL LA VIMEA:

VINYASA YOGA | 60 Min. – Monday 08.00
Dynamic yoga type where each asana (body position) changes with the breath. Flowing movements and constant alternation of stretching and strengthening positions. Boosts concentration and flexibility. Mobilizes the spine and joints and loosens fascial tissue. 

GENTLE VINYASA YOGA | 75 Min. – Wednesday & Sunday 17.15
Creative yoga practice, which lets the mind come more and more to rest. Taking and holding the asanas (body positions) has an effect on muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. Influences the nervous system positively and strengthens will and inner stability.

PRANAYAMA YOGA | 60 Min. – Wednesday 08.00
The hidden power of breathing relaxes the mind, muscles and organs.

YIN & YANG YOGA | 60 Min. – Friday 15.30
Dynamic yoga type where each asana (body position) changes with the breath. Followed by a soothing, regenerative yoga style that is practiced while sitting and lying. Activates a free flowing breath. It addresses the joints, connective tissue and ligaments.

SOFT FLOW YOGA  | 90 Min. – Saturday 08.00
Awakening of the body through slow and attentive movements. Great emphasis on the breath.

SOUND MEDITATION | 30 Min. – Tuesday 08.30
The soothing sounds open for a healing and transforming journey. At the same time they promote a more peaceful view of the world and oneself.

FOREST BATHING | 120 Min. – Thursday 10.00
Experience the pleasant atmosphere of the forest. Smell it. Feel it. Listen to the secret language of the trees and feel the healing power of the green giants. The forest is good for us.

MINDFUL MEDITATION | 40 Min. – Friday 08.00
The Buddhist practicing of mindfulness is a meditation technique that helps shifting your thoughts towards the appreciation of the present moment. Through the combination of seated and walking meditation you’ll achieve a state of alert and focused relaxation by deliberately paying attention to sensations and acknowledging thoughts without judgment.

Whether beginner or advanced – You can comfortably book your classes at the front desk or sign up for private sessions with one of our yoga teachers.

The backdrop for your lessons is our deck by the natural pond and two beautiful yoga rooms painted in soft colours that provide calming, natural light. Wrap up your day with an massage, nature hikesbike tours or in our SPA.

Book your yoga holiday here at LA VIMEA Vegan Hotel in Naturno close to Merano.

Are you a yoga teacher yourself and want to book a retreat for a group at our yoga hotel LA VIMEA in South Tyrol? Ask for further information and our special packages.


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